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While we wait for our brewery to be up and running in November, we are stoked to be featuring a rotating list of amazing NY farm licensed breweries - all pouring on our Lukr faucets. Click on the brewery name to learn more!

Ramble 5% - Helles-Style Lager - A classic brewed with German malt & hops. Smooth, crisp pilsner malt, exceptionally balanced with herbally, gently spicy hops. Easy-to-drink, clean and refreshing with a soft, dry finish.

Moderance 5.4% - English Pub-Style Ale - Biscuity, complex malty notes countered with earthy, resiny hops. Medium body & bready flavors highlighted by fruity ester accents; soft bittersweet finish. Try a half / half pour for balanced sweetness and bitterness.

Go On, Git! 4.2% - Rustic Landbier Style Lager - A collaboration with Alternate Ending Beer Co, this country lager has a light floral aroma, with a crisp finish on your palate.
Fresh Hop Inhale 5% - West Coast Style Pale Ale - An extra special edition of their beloved pale ale. Brewed with Hudson Valley Malt and steeped on 150lbs of fresh, off the bine, NY Cascade hops from Pedersen Hop Farm in Geneva.

Habitude 3.8% - English Style Dark Mild Ale - A beautiful expression of English malts, UK grown Fuggles, and a classic English ale strain. Bready and toasty malt character, with hints of bakers chocolate, toffee, and full body. Pours like a dream on our Lukr Taps with a rich creamy foam that lingers and laces the glass after each sip.

Grimm Weisse 5.5% - Hefeweissbier - One of the most authentic double-decocted Bavarian-style wheat beers you’ll find outside of Germany, with enticing notes of clove, lemon, and banana - massively effervescent, soft, and pillowy on our Lukr Taps.

Rare Earth 4.8% - German Style Pilsner - Brewed with NY pilsner malt from Omara Farms and NY grown crystal. Fermented and lagered in oak for several months. We’re tasting - bright, clean, and oaky with a hint of roasted marshmallow, wildflower, honey, and fresh cut grass.


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