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In anticipation of brewing our own Niteglow beers in our space, we are jazzed to be featuring some of our favorite NY manufactured beers on draft along with our own. All our beers are poured on Lukr Side Pull Taps with dense, creamy, sweet wet foam in varying amounts to enhance the experience. The featured styles of pours available are:

Smooth (Hladinka) - this is the most popular Lukr full pour with ⅓ part foam, ⅔ part beer. A fantastic way to experience the creamy wet foam aroma on a well balanced beer. The foam also acts as a protective layer to ensure your beer doesn't oxidize.

Half/Half (Šnyt) - this is a great beer to finish a drinking session with or taste a new beer. The addition of more creamy wet foam gives the beer more of a creamier sweeter taste to balance the bitterness. 3 parts foam, 2 parts beer, 1 part space on the top rim of our glass tankard mug. Like a Cortado or Flat white.

Milk Pour (Mlíko) - served in our .2L (8.5oz brimful) Köln Stange glasses, this is a glass of mostly wet creamy foam - similar to a shot of espresso or liquor, this is meant to be drunk fast.


At Niteglow, we focus on brewing flavor forward, balanced and drinkable beers using NY ingredients. Our beer program will start similar to Dayglow’s coffee program, featuring mostly guest beers from other NY Craft Breweries and slowly bringing in our own brewed beers. All our beers will be categorized by flavor profiles:

This beer is light and refreshing with a crisp finish.

This beer is rich and full of malty goodness.

This beer is bright and soft with hop saturated flavor.

This beer is dry and fruity with a round and pleasant acidity.

This beer is blended with coffee for a balanced harmony of flavors.

On Lukr
R02 8.4% - Coffee Stout  chocolate cake - dark fruit - velvety 

Old school Coffee Stout brewed w/ a medley of caramel, brown, chocolate and roasted malts for a rich and smooth roasty character. We added Dayglow S01, a Costa Rican honey processed coffee to add complexity and layers of dark chocolate and fruit in the mix.

In 12oz Cans / 4-Packs
T01 4.3% - Catharina Sour Ale   guava - prickly pear - lime
A Brazilian style berliner weisse, we ferment ours with a special lactobacillus culture, adding a well rounded and pleasantly tart acidity. We finish with juicy pink guava and prickly pear for tropical flavor and depth. On the nose it’s lively and fresh with lovely floral aromatics of lime. In simpler terms- it’s delicious and the perfect gateway into sour beer.


Wild East
is owned and managed by Brett Taylor, Tyler March & Lindsay Steen. The brewery, located in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, began producing beer at the start of 2020 and opened its taproom in March of the same year. The beer is currently distributed across NY state, NJ, eastern PA, VA, NC and Washington DC.

Wild East is known for using traditional European techniques with modern American innovations to produce a variety of classic & progressive beers. They produce a lot of lager with a smattering of west coast IPAs, sours, mixed fermentation & English-style ales, plus other unique seasonal offerings.

The majority of beer is low in ABV and none of the beer is overly sweet or loaded with adjuncts. At Wild East, the mission is to push boundaries and open new doors by producing a diverse range of lagers & ales with balanced and complex, yet approachable flavors and the utmost dedication to integrity and quality control.

On Lukr
Little Patience 3.8% - 10° Plato Czech Style Pilsner
 - A lighter version of their Bohemian pilsner, brewed using a traditional decoction mash. Rustic, crackery malt and gentle grainy sweetness countered with herbal, gently-spicy Saaz hops. Highly drinkable and very refreshing.
Zicke Zacke 5.5% - Foeder-aged Festbier - A German-style Festbier brewed using a single-decoction, Hersbrucker & Tettnang hops, then lagered in an oak foeder for 10 weeks. Toasty, doughy bready malt, herbal-like hops and light oaky accents. Crisp and balanced with a dry, clean finish.


Just down the street, Interboro Spirits and Ales opened their doors in September 2016 after two years of planning. As Brooklyn's first craft brewery and distillery, their goal was to engage, inspire, and bring people together with their distinctive, flavor-forward beers and spirits. They wanted to show what can be done with three basic ingredients: grain, yeast and water. We echo their ethos, using New York City as a canvas to inspire, bringing the art, music and culture of the world to their doorstep and now to ours.

On Lukr
Lifted 6.0% - Hazy IPA - Super approachable and slightly dank, we get aromas of pineapple, mango, and fresh lime zest. Flavors of freshly squeezed OJ and fruity pebbles, with a light body and a smooth mouthfeel. Tame the bitterness with a Half/Half pour (Šnyt) like a Cortado for a nice creamy sweet balance to the Citra, Cashmere & Motueka Hops.


Our new friends up in Hudson Valley are brewing some really nice, well balanced beers. They're fresh and expressive, while still feeling distinctly American - all made for discerning drinkers.

On Lukr
Metric Pils 4.7% - German Style Pilsner - Classic, creamy and herbaceous. Clean malt and refined noble hop character come together in the best way. Repeatable.


Our new friends in Queens & Brooklyn started in 2011, born from a passion for brewing and experimentation. After a long search combing through back streets, along canals, under bridges and industrial no-mans lands, braving collapsing roofs and cardboard box jungles, the brewery found a space in Queens in 2013. Armed with a 20 barrel brewhouse, Finback released its first beers brewed in Queens in January 2014. Their aim is to make great beer following their passion for flavor and complexity from quality ingredients and small batch artisanal brewing. We brew fun, unique beers made for enjoyment.

On Lukr
Rolling in Clouds 7.1% - NEIPA - Hazy, cloudy, blurry, foggy, fuzzy IPA. Whatever you call it, let’s be in the New Wave. Fluffy and crisp, it’s all about an easy decision
Sounds of Color 6.0% - Watermelon Gose - clean, bright acidity with lovely watermelon flavor and slight salinity. Tasting notes of jolly rancher and lime.
Kinda Brooklyn 8.0% - DIPA - Double dry hopped tropical and juicy IPA  featuring nelson & citra hops that feels like a fluffy pillow. Try this as a Milk Pour to float in the clouds...


We're jazzed to be carrying Brooklyn Cider House. They use one simple ingredient to make their ciders – apples (of all kinds!). So the structure, aromas, mouth feel, and any residual sugar are definitively tied to the quality of their apples. All of their ciders are made from freshly harvested apples, fermented in stainless steel tanks, and aged between two to eighteen months. They encourage wild yeast and microbes to leave their regional mark on all but one of their ciders, often with a boost from white wine yeast. It's all about time and patience with minimal intervention. They strive for balance, depth of structure, and a lively acidity that begs to be paired with food.

In 12oz Cans
Little Wild 5.0% - Wild-Fermented Cider - Aged on the lees for 6-8 months and blended with fresh-pressed cider. Semi-sweet, carbonated cider; tart, earthy and bursting with fresh apple, citrus and honey aromas. Varieties: Dabinett, Manchurian Crab, Northern Spy, Rhode Island Greenling, Empire, McIntosh


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